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Works on deployment, commissioning and optimization of the 4G LTE TDD network in Tashkent has been carried out by EVO since April 2015. For the realization of this project 10 million US dollars was invested by KT Corporation. KT continues investing in the telecommunications market of Uzbekistan since 2008, particularly for the development of «Super iMAX». The total amount of investments over the years has totalled over 29.6 million US dollars.

Internet access services via 4G LTE TDD technology is available for EVO™ subscribers in the city of Tashkent with the coverage area of 97.4%. The services are also rendered in the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and in the major centers of the Ferghana Valley, having changed WiMAX technology.

Data transfer rate in EVO™ networks via 4G LTE TDD is significantly higher than that of other existing providers in Uzbekistan, and reaches up to 100 MB/s. This allows users to quickly and efficiently handle a large volume of information on the Internet. Currently, 4G LTE is a catalyst for the further growth of the Internet market in Uzbekistan. Particular the deployment of LTE TDD networks has become one of the first among the CIS countries.