WiMax Technology

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology is based on IEEE 802.16 Protocol which in contrast to other radio access technology provides high-speed connections for long distances, even in default of direct visibility on the return signal.

WiMAX is a completely new way of communication. This is a standard broadband wireless connection which supports connection to the Internet as well as the telephony. The WiMAX based technology provides an easy access to the Internet for a long distance ensuring the data transfer rate up to 10 Mbit/s. WiMAX may provide coverage area up to 50 km.

WiMAX will allow to solve several problems of modern metropolitan cities.

1.For example, the radiocommunication to which we are used is well operated only subject to direct visibility of the base station. In many cases the landscape features make inaccessible wireless communication in some areas which is called "dead zone".

2.Sometimes it happens that own connection is not available as a result of loading level of urban exchanges.

3.And of course, one cannot forget about an eternal problem of organisations located in big office buildings: installation of wire connection is complicated because of a great number of neighbors across the territory of which the cable shall be laid.

WiMAX enables to ensure a large coverage in order to provide mobile communications both for a separate small office and remote rural areas. WIMAX standard based broadband connection is featured by a stable connection even in case of disadvantageous landscape position including external environment represented by high buildings.

WiMAX technology ensures access to the high speed Internet with a broad coverage and reliability compared to Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology for short distances: at office building, café ... Distance from Wi-Fi hot-spot to your computer shall not exceed ten meters.

WiMAX is a broadband wireless access network created on the territory of the whole city and the distance from receiver to the base station is measured in kilometers.

WiMAX will allow:

To easily configure the wireless connection

To forget about distance barriers and "dead zones"

To avoid delay in processing a wire connection to the telephone system or DSL

Keeping a previous phone number, fax and IP to move from one premise to another

WiMAX network security:

Next Net Expedience system is provided with unique security means both at physical and network level.

The physical network level is protected by means of licensed radio channel protocol managed by specially developed ASIC chips integrated to our wireless devices. This combination provides protection against the threats as follows: breach of confidentiality, data corruption, falsification (breach of authenticity), denial of service.

As far as Expedience system is based on IP, it provides a full support of IP encryption schemes including VPN (Virtual Private Network). Network architecture also allows you to configure separate private networks (VLAN) as defined by the subscriber.