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EVO is a young, constantly developing company and one of the leading Internet providers of Uzbekistan. We make life brighter, opening unlimited possibilities of the Internet to people. Career at EVO is an opportunity to join a team of talented professionals, create the future, incorporating the latest technological advances in the market of Uzbekistan.


EVO - is a close-knit team of professionals

EVO - is the atmosphere of cooperation and trust

EVO - is a unique corporate culture

EVO creates promotion initiatives and innovative proposals

EVO creates opportunities for personal and career growth

Frequently asked questions about employment:

How can I get a job at EVO?

For the start you have to send your resume with photo to: Be sure to specify which position you are applying for. Next, your resume will be reviewed by the Human Resources Manager and in case of interest, you will be invited for an interview.

Can I schedule an interview by calling to your office?

No, the interview is conducted only after reviewing and consideration of the candidate's resume.

Do you hire employees without permanent residence or temporary residence permit in Tashkent?

We consider the CVs of candidates with permanent or temporary residence permit in Tashkent.

Where can I see a list of jobs your company?

A list of current vacancies you can see on our website as well as online job portals.

Do you offer formal employment in your company?

Yes, we offer formal employment according to the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.