Money back guarantee if you are not happy with the Internet!

Doubt the quality of service?

There is no certainty that the Internet from EVO is right for you?

Concerned about your expenses?

EVO is 100% confident in the quality of the Internet and in order to improve the company's services, the special refund system has been developed. The goal is to offer affordable high-quality new generation internet, which will meet the needs of each user which is why EVO provides the following additional guarantees:

1.EVO truly cares about its subscribers

EVO is committed to building long-term relationships with their subscribers. If you remain dissatisfied with the quality of service, or the Internet from EVO is not right for you - why should you pay?

2.Is it all that simple?

Of course it is! It suffices to use a “3-hour connection” service, choose the device and the tariff plan that suit you and pay the necessary amount with the convenient method of payment. If you were not satisfied with the service, within 30 calendar days, leave a request for a refund of your previously paid amount. Refunds shall be made within 10 banking days from the date of submission of the application.

3.How does it work?

The service applies to new subscribers as well as subscribers who terminated their contracts until 05.01.2015. The service is available for individuals residing in Tashkent and regions of Uzbekistan within LTE coverage.

What guarantees do we offer?

The company returns the sum paid for renting the equipment and the tariff plan within 10 business days after you have filled in the application for refund.

4.Within which period you can request a refund?

Refunds can be claimed within 30 days from the date of connection.

5.Do not forget about refund policies!

Refunds for the equipment are carried out only if the equipment has been returned in complete set, with the lack of external (physical) damage as well as damage associated with improper use of the device. Moreover, the service does not apply to additional services and the amount paid for overlimit charges.

Now “Money Back Guarantee” is available in the regions as well!

As part of a complete replacement of WiMAX to LTE, “Money Back Guarantee” service from EVO can be used in the following cities: Andijan, Bukhara, Samarkand, Kokand, Ferghana, Namangan, Karshi, Navoi, Namangan, Urgut, Margilan, Chust and Shahrihan.

You can always contact our hotline at 148 00 00 and learn the details.