Change your mindset! Forget about TAS-IX!

till worried about traffic overcharges?

Limiting yourself to internal resources and TAS-IX?

We have taken care of this and offering you to try really unlimited evening and unlimited nights and the whole weekends at the speed of 5 Mb/s.

Forget about limitations and use the Internet to its full!

  • Payment is made in national currency of Uzbekistan established by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.
  • Connection fee to the tariff plans is $ 139 and includes the transfer of LTE Modem + Wi-Fi router for the duration of use!
  • Daytime traffic overcharge expenses for 1 MB is 0,03
  • The indicated traffic amount is given for 1 months (starting from the beginning and valid to the end of month)
  • The given tariff plans are valid within “Try & Buy”, “3 Hr connection” promos
  • The given tariff plans are NOT valid within “Shared traffic” service