Meet the winners of the "SUMMER GIFTS" promo

Dear subscribers!

Thanks to all the participants of our action "SUMMER GIFTS", to all those who bought additional traffic of the "LETO" line!

As promised, we held a rally through random numbers and played our super prizes:

  • 1ST PLACE - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone (1 pc)
  • 2ND PLACE - Acer Aspire Notebook (1 pc)
  • 3RD PLACE - Three months of free Internet service according to the subscriber's current tariff plan (1 pc)

So…. The winners are:

  • 1ST PLACE – Subscriber contract ID 597 (TSP-12714 Filimonova Elena Viktorovna)
  • 2ND PLACE – Subscriber contract ID 1425 (TSVP25097 Mansurov Ravshan Muratovich)
  • 3RD PLACE – Subscriber contract ID 835 (TSP-16247 Yusupov Jaxongir Baxodir Ugli)

Congratulations of the lucky ones!

And here is the video from the drawing:

Dear winners!

Prize giving ceremony:

  • Date: August 9, 2017
  • Current time: 17:00
  • Location: EVO head office
  • Address: Tashkent, ul. T.Shevchenko, 21


To receive a prize, you must have:

  • Passport original
  • Copy of TIN
  • A guarantee letter with obligations to pay all necessary taxes in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Issued at the place of receipt of the prize)

Yours faithfully,

The team EVO!