Grand offer MyFi from EVO!

Dear subscribers!

Would like to have high-speed LTE 4G Internet at your fingertips?

Without wires, anywhere you like?

Share high-speed Wi-Fi with friends?

HURRY! Only until 31.08.2018

Super offer "MyFi from EVO":

  • New portable MyFi from EVO
  • 5 Months of High Speed LTE 4G Internet
  • 500GB of total traffic (100 GB of traffic every month for 5 months)
  • 2 MB/s speed to the world
  • Save 1 million soums!

Only until 31.08.2018! The number of MyFi devices is limited!

Call: (+998 71) 148 00 00


  • Connecting "MyFi-bundle product" * with included traffic (bundle product with MyFi device) is possible only starting from July 23 to August 31 , 2018
  • Starting from 02.07.2018 you can connect with your device (with traffic included) by paying 1 750 000 sum.

Portable (pocket) MyFi LTE 4G modem from EVO is:

  • High-speed LTE 4G Internet access via Wi-Fi wherever you are
  • Opportunity to share Wi-Fi with friends, colleagues and loved ones (up to 10 devices)
  • Easy access to YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and other popular resources
  • Ability to use the Internet on the go
  • Small device - GREAT opportunities!

CONDITIONS OF THE "MyFi" - bundle product:

  1. Standard price for "MyFi-bundle product"* is 3 500 000 sum
  2. Price for "MyFi - bundle product" * for new MyFi devices purchased within the framework of this promotion is 2 499 000 sum
  3. When promotion is over, the standard price for "MyFi - bundle product"* will be 3 500 000 sum
  4. Price for "MyFi - bundle product"* for MyFi models not purchased in EVO, previous models purchased earlier in EVO, which are not subscribers of EVO at the moment, is 1 750 000 sum
  5. When connecting within this promotion, it is mandatory to connect exclusively to the "MyFi-bundle product" *, regardless of the location and resources of the purchase of the device
  6. Changing the tariff plan for subscribers from “MyFi - bundle” is possible only after the expiration of the tariff plan “MyFi - bundle”; after the expiration of 5 calendar months from the date of connection (including the month of connection).
  7. “MyFi - bundle” * is available for connection only with a portable LTE device (MyFi) and only during and within the campaign
  8. “MyFi - bundle”* is valid for 5 (five) calendar months from the date of connection (including the month of connection)
  9. The transition from “MyFi - bundle”* to another of the current tariff plans is impossible before the expiration of 5 months (calendar) from the moment of connection
  10. In case of early termination of the subscriber (before the expiry of 5 months from the moment of connection), connected to the “MyFi - bundle”*, the balance of funds on the subscriber's account is not returned
  11. "MyFi - bundle"* is valid for connection only until 31.08.2018; the price after the promo is subject to change.


* - "Bundle" is an indivisible set of services offered by the Operator to Subscribers-individuals, at a single price and formed taking into account the client demand. The total cost of each product may be lower than the price of the same services separately.