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Extra traffic

Traffic has finished, but over limit is so expensive?

With the service "Extra traffic you do not need more to waste your money. Time for savings has come.

The principle of the service "Extra traffic" is similar to the internet packages. To get this service "Extra Traffic" you should to do only couple of clicks in your personal cabinet!

For all current Tariff plan s

Additional traffic for night and day

Traffic (GB) Value(sum)
3 GB
79 990 sum
5 GB
88 410 sum
10 GB
105 250 sum

Daily additional traffiс

Traffic (GB) Value(sum)
1 GB
20 000 sum
5 GB
45 000 sum

*Additional traffic for existing subscribers with the included Onliner service

Traffic (GB) Value (sum)
3 GB 30 000 sum
5 GB 40 000 sum
10 GB 50 000 sum

*Additional service "On" will be available from 07/09/2018 to 12/31/2019

**You can enable the service only one of the above VAS series "On" per month

***If VAS of the "On" series was used up earlier in the current billing period, it is impossible to re-enable VAS from this series, but additional 1GB, 5GB, 10GB services can be used.

Additional traffic is available only after the payment of the basic tariff. If you have enough money in your personal cabinet you can also activate it by calling the Call-center by phone number 148 00 00.

Additional information:

  • You will get your tariff plan from the 1st of next month
  • Additional traffic is valid until the end of this and does not pass to the next month.

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