Additional traffic for legal entities

Is your traffic over and is it expensive to buy additional one?

"Extra traffic" service will allow you not to pay for exceeded limit, your money will be really saved

The principle of "Extra traffic" service is similar to Internet packages. "Extra traffic" may be purchased through your personal account in two clicks.

Additional traffic
3 GB 143 140 сsum
5 GB 181 030 sum
10 GB 244 180 sum

To activate the extra tariff, the Subscriber shall submit an application to the Company's Subscriber Service Center or send by fax an Application to activate the extra tariff. The extra tariff may be purchased only upon payment of the basic one as well as subject to availability of necessary funds on the personal account.

  • The Subscriber is switched to a previously used tariff starting from the day 1 of the following month
  • Upon expiry of ET the traffic balance of the basic tariff is subject to be cancelled.
  • Upon expiry of the traffic the calculation of extra traffic will be made as per above-limit rates.

The Extra tariff is charged only as per inbound traffic.

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