Up to x2 more traffic for the same price!

ong-awaited news for EVO subscribers!

Traffic during the day is not enough?

Then new updates specially for you!

We almost doubled traffic on U-tariff plans depending on the tariff leaving prices unchanged!

From July 1, 2017 we are almost doubling traffic on U-tariff plans leaving prices unchanged!

Now you can enjoy more HD movies, more online games, more communication and surfing!

Subscribe and you will get U1 tariff plan ($79) as a gift till the end of the month!

Strive for excellence with us flying in the unlimited spaces!

Want to connect to upgraded tariff plans?

That’s easy!

So, here is the new U0 tariff plan with 252 unlimited hours a month:

With U1 ($79) and 360 hours of unlimited surfing!

With U2 you will have twice as much Internet freedom!

With U2 you will have twice as much Internet freedom!

With high-speed U4 you will get up to 40GB more emotions!

With U5 you will have 50GB of traffic and unlimited surfing throughout weekends at the speed of 5Mb/s

Connection conditions:

  • Transition fee to new tariff plans $0
  • All listed tariffs are available to both new and existing subscribers.
  • Connection fee for all listed tariff plans is - $ 139
  • Connection fee includes "U1" the tariff plan for a period until the end of current month.
  • “Try and Buy" promo applies only to tariffs U0, U1
  • On all tariff plans, on weekdays from 8:00 to 23:59 the speed for P2P resources is limited up to 1 Mb/s

Yours faithfully,

Team EVO.