Connect your device to the Internet with EVO!

You want to use Internet from EVO, but you want to use your own device?

Now it’s possible!

Only till 31st of July 2017!

Everything is simple:

  • Come to our office with your device
  • Our specialists will check compatibility of your device
  • Connect and get a SIM card from EVO with high-speed LTE 4G Internet
  • Use it on any LTE device*, whether it is a fixed modem, portable USB-modem or tablet

What characteristics should be on your device?

  • Number of band LTE: Band 40
  • Frequency range: 2300-2400 MHz
  • Band width: 100 Mhz

Get a portable device and connect to EVO!

Be online anywhere at home, office, on the go and away with a portable LTE 4G Wi-Fi MyFi router!


  • If technical problems occur with your device, company will not be responsible for the quality of Internet services
  • Please be note that “Super iMax”, EVO trademark, is not responsible for and does not guarantee the quality of the signal when acquiring devices from third parties / manufacturers.
  • Upon request Amplifying Antenna (Patch Antenna) can be provided for free for the period of usage.
  • Promos “Shared traffic”, “3 hours connection”, “Try and Buy” – are not valid within this promo.
  • Other terms of connection remain unchanged.
  • Connection fee with your own device is $20 at the official exchange rate of CB RUzb.
  • It is possible to connect with your device to any possible tariff plans for individuals, except tariff plan “Mini”.
  • *Considering that voice technology (telephones, smarphones) supporting LTE signal are of considerable lower quality when transmitting LTE signal and differ in terms of setting difficulties, connection of own smartphones and telephone devices is not valid within this promo/service.

    We are waiting for you!


    Team Evo.