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Dear subscribers!

Want to learn the remaining traffic in one click?

Receive news and information about the current tariffs and services of the company in a convenient format?

Now - it's easy!

  • Find our bot in Telegram by the following link - @EVO2018bot

This is not everything! Soon you will be able to receive information about the status and balance payment on your account!

Some useful request tips:

  • /help - Помощь. Help. Yordam
  • /start - Приветствие. Welcome screen. Xush kelibsiz
  • /language - Выбор языка. Language selection. Tilni tanlash
  • /accounts - Лицевые счета. Accounts. Hisob raqam
  • /request - Запрос. Request. So'rov
  • /off - Деавторизация. De-authorization. Ro'yhatdan o'chirish

Please note that this resource is in the test mode (beta-version), which means that some of its functions are still under development and are being brought to perfection!

IMPORTANT: To activate the bot, it is necessary that your contact number be the same as the number specified in our systems; if the number in the systems is different, contact our support center to add / update the correct mobile number.

Test and leave your feedback in our bot, we will be happy to take into account your wishes!

If you have questions about authorization - our team will help with that: 148 00 00

Yours faithfully,

team EVO.